They say that having Ana sort of gives you a second mind full of creativity. I seem to have a mind for poems and write them sometimes to express the feelings of Ana here are some I wrote and If you have any you would like me to put on just contact me :)

Stick and stones may break her bones
but words can make her bleed inside
she'd never admit it to anyone though
she'll simply wish she wasnt alive.

She may act happy and bubbly to you
but thats just to cover up her pain
in reality she's hurting so much inside
and feels so weak and drained.

She wont tell anyone how she feels
but just because she is smiling
it doesnt mean shes happy at all
shes just covering up that shes slowly dying.

She sees an image of herself in the mirror
but its an image she wishes she couldnt see
cause the mirror reflects someone she hates
someone, something she doesnt want to be.

My Life; A story of Painful Greed

Love my life, are you jelous much?
Attention and watchful eyes always on me.
Yes always, wherever I go, so caring,
Yes I have all the attention and best of all the body. 

Bones, skin without a trace of fat,
pure beauty; painful?
Of course, No pain, No gain.
Don't need to listen to those voices repeating;
10 years, surgery, death,
its all jelously.

I have worked hard and you are not taking that away from me,
why do i need to get better? im fine as I am.
No friends you say? No social life
She is my friend, my best friend, 
we have a life, we do things.
She has given me the gift of beauty,
so what about the destructive consequences,
like heart disease and risk of paralysis.
I have something you will never ever have:
Ana; the secret life of pain.