About Me:

Name: Amelia*
Age: 17
Current Location: UK
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'5.5"
Lw: 100
UGw: 80

Updated - 15th May 10'

*Anon - NickName for personal purposes sorry.

NEW - So i am back. I left all my sites and forums for quite a while actually. I guess you could say I was sorting some things in my life out. I have moved in with my grandparents now and am back to getting on track with Ana i suppose. I have told myself I need to get hard with myself again and it will be easier for me to do now.So hey to all you guys still coming on here and thank you.Love A, x

I would just like to say to you all that you always need to stay strong. When you feel like breaking completely, stay strong. There are alot of people out there who can support you and even help you if you are looking to recover and think it may be time. I use an online forum which helps me daily. It provides me with alot of support and i suggest that you find somewhere like this you can go and be 'yourself' and express how you really do feel without feeling like you will be criticised or judged.
I will never exploit eating disorders or encourage them in any way at all! but i know that it is very very hard to overcome them and to live with them. This site it here as support. Another website to help you deal with your disorder without being judged.
You aren't alone. Stay Strong and please...Be Safe!